Web 2.0 Expo Launchpad is Open

Got a new product or a launch coming up? Hold it until late April and tell the world at the Web 2.0 Expo’s Launchpad.

For 2008, we continue the tradition of Launch Pad at Web 2.0 Expo, but with some important changes, based on a program we test-drove at Web 2.0 Summit in October 2007. While it’s great to be chosen to launch your new company at a major event, the reality of the market is that the majority of successful Web 2.0 companies do more than just launch products. They also have to pass the test of VC scrutiny—that’s how the market determines who wins and loses in the world of startups. To that end, this year there is no fee for companies to submit a proposal, and we are soliciting Launch Pad sponsorships from VCs.

The VC-style of Launchpad made for some great commentary at the Summit (Radar post 1 & 2). I hope that we’ll have a similar performance at the Expo.

Submit your application. Submissions must be in by February 29th.

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