Data Center heating the Town Pool

According to

A public swimming pool in Zurich
will soon be heated for the comfort of local residents, thanks to an
innovative solution: heat generated by a data center that would
otherwise be classified as waste.
The new data center in Zurich is one of three projects in Europe
and the Middle East that IBM has announced in recent days. The Zurich
project is a new data center for GIB-Services, a hosting and
co-location company. In Austria, IBM has announced a plan to construct
a green data center for green furniture company kika/Leiner; IBM has
also landed the contract to build what it calls the most
energy-efficient data center in Egypt, for Telecom Egypt.

For more see IBM Big Green and The Raised Floor blog.

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  • brilliant. when is google going to start heating our houses here in the northeast in exchange for exclusively using their products ;) ?

  • This is one of those too good to be true stories. Or should I say, too good that it is true. Such innovation is what is going to save this planet.

  • What a brilliant idea.
    Computers always belt out loads of heat, i’d never thought of using it to heat a pool..etc before, although i did think about possibly ducting the airflow to some colder rooms in the house.

  • Haha, what an incredible idea – a swimming pool heat sink!!