Call For Open Source Awards 2008 Nominations

For the 4th year running, Google and O’Reilly will present a set of Open Source Awards at OSCON 2008. The awards recognize individual contributors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, creativity, and collaboration in the development of Open Source Software. Past recipients for 2005-2007 include Doc Searls, Jeff Waugh, Gerv Markham, Julian Seward, David Heinemeier Hansson, Karl Fogel, David Recordon, and Paul Vixie.

The nomination process is open to the entire open source community, closing May 15th, 2008. Send your nominations to osawards AT oreilly DOT com. Nominations should include the name of the recipient, any associated project/org, suggested title for the award (“Best Hacker”, “Best Community Builder”, etc.), and a description of why you are nominating the individual. Google and O’Reilly employees cannot be nominated.

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  • Some of us on have been wondering if these awards have any relation to the “Open Source Awards” that the OSI either does or did. Do they?


  • Only tenuously. They have the same name and are awarded at the same show, but there is no OSI connection to these.

    When they stopped, I though it would be nice to start them up again and recognize individual achievement in the Floss world. Meanwhile, the awards (given the next day) focus on awarding projects. So we cover both bases :-)

    Chris DiBona

  • Thank you Chris. I take that to mean that OSI did not contribute funds to the Google-O’Reilly awards. In part, I am wondering what became of the at least $45,000 that OSI announced it raised for OSI’s OSA program in 2004.


  • Yeah, OSI has no role or part in these awards and no money has come from them.


  • I nominate Mark Shuttleworth of Ubuntu fame. Ubuntu has done more to promote a desktop Linux than any other distro before.

  • Michael

    “Ubuntu has done more to promote a desktop Linux than any other distro before.”

    And yet as a company contributes so little development resources.

  • S. D. Rhein

    I nominate Zack Smith for pressing for more awareness of bloat in free software with his project FramebufferUI.

  • Stacy Malibu


    You clearly do not understand open source. Like someone said the other day, all companies work together in the Linux desktop: Red Hat fixes the kernel, Novell fixes the applications, and Canonical takes the credit.

    Its all a team effort.

  • Stacy,

    Best part is that your claims are empirically shown to be almost 70% true! (if you squint a lot and tilt your head to the side). ;-)


  • Magento eCommerce should be recognized for the best eCommerce solution!

  • lucychili

    Andrew Tridgell
    Anthony Towns
    Donna Benjamin
    Jon Oxer
    Eben Moglen
    Pamela Jones
    Rusty Russell
    Rob Weir
    Lars Rasmussen

  • rhY

    I do not know those people (though some are familiar by name to me). I do have however have a list of great FOSS software that I use:

    Ultra VNC
    Infra Recorder
    Open Office
    Media Player Classic

    I’m sure I’ve left out a few, but those are some favorites!!! I’d be happy with any FOSS author or contributor to any of those worthy projects.

  • If I have time I will write a more formal letter of nomination but for me this has been the year of the Sage project: open source mathematical software. The leader of this project, William Stein, deserves a variety of awards for his great management, great coding, great recruiting, and great vision.

    I was inspired to move from being a consumer to a (minor) developer by the success of this project and Stein’s leadership.

  • Sergio

    I nominate


  • I nominate Varien for their work with Magento.

  • An award should go to Chainreactionworks for their CRELoaded B2B platform, which is without a doubt the most capable open source ecommerce platform, currently available on the market.

    I am therefore nominating the project owner:
    Salvatore Iozzia

  • Miguel Santos

    Martin Dougiamas,

    As lead developer of Moodle (; Martin is providing not only a new way to supplement education, but building a community of those united in improving education world wide.

  • I nominate, as TYPO3 HCI Team Leader, naturally >> TYPO3

  • I nominate SMF’s core dev team (Grudge, Jay Bachatero, & Compuart)

    Best Forum Software/ Best Community

    SMF, for the past 4 years, has only had 7 security (most of which were labeled minor) advisories which means around 2 per year which is less than any other forum software to date.

  • outsider

    Tor should get some recognition. It allows people to use the web despite the efforts of some to control their access to it.

    Hi, PJ;¬)

  • Absolutely SMF Dev’s Team, they are unique for rapid support, kind explaination, quality of software. Thumb up!