Social Graph Foo Camp–the Videos

On a stormy weekend back in February, O’Reilly hosted Social Graph Foo Camp (David Recordon and Scott Kveton were the instigators; we were happy to say “Yes” when they asked to hold the party at our Sebastopol campus). Google announced their Social Graph API on Friday morning, adding fuel to the fire as the intense discussions got underway. We managed to drag some of the Campers away from the proceedings, sit them in front of a video camera and capture their thoughts about the state of the social graph. We also included a summary in the latest issue of Release 2.0 (free excerpt). 

There’s much more to be done if we’re to create sane and useful approaches to the data portability, identity, and privacy issues created by the social networking juggernaut. The conversation continues today at the Data Sharing Workshop in San Franciso, and next week at Web 2.0 Expo, where a slew of SG Foo Campers will be speaking, including Joseph Smarr, Tom Coates, Niall Kennedy, John Musser, Gavin Bell, Artur Bergman, Ankur Shah, Kellan Elliott-McCrea, Marc Davis, Justin Hall, and Dave Morin.

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