Early Look at HarperCollins' Social Network for Writers

HarperCollins’ social network for burgeoning authors, Authonomy, is now in private beta. Booktwo.org provides an analysis:

The real challenge, of course, is to persuade wannabe writers to post their work at all — in my own personal experience, unpublished writers are terrified of their work being ‘stolen’, enough to be suspicious of publishers themselves, let alone your average web surfer … Authonomy‚Äôs FAQs wisely address many of these concerns … As they put it, “if someone really wants to pass off your efforts as their own they’ll probably find a way” … Their real attitude to the problem is more sensible: “here at Authonomy, we believe that your talent is better displayed than kept hidden — and that the chances of good things happening are more likely the more hands your manuscript passes through, and the more people you enlist in your support.”

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