Embed Google Earth In Your Site

The Google Earth Plugin was just released this morning (Radar post) and there is already a handy third-party tool available. This is unsurprising considering the general buzz at Google I/O. If you want to embed a 3D Google Earth Map in your site simply follow the directions below.

Browse to the TakItWithMe.com Google Earth Embedded Map Tool

  1. Paste in a Google Earth KML link or Google Maps MyMap link if you’d like to include an overlay
  2. Click on the ‘Load Preview’ button. If you did not provide a KML link, you will get a warning before you continue
  3. Use the Map Navigation Controls or your mouse to set the Google Earth viewpoint you’d like to be the default for your map
  4. Click on the ‘Set Center and Zoom’ Button
  5. Click on the ‘Generate Embed Code’
  6. Copy the resulting code and paste it into your webpage or blog where you’d like the map to appear
  7. To create another map, simply refresh the page and start again

I am sure that embedding will be available as soon as Google integrates GE into their main site. While this is something Google hasn’t committed to, I think we can assume it will happen. This release of the plugin is Windows only. Michael Jones, CTO of Google Earth, stated that Mac and Linux plugins will be available by August. I assume that Google will wait for those releases before the integration happens.

I met the developer via Frank Taylor at Google I/O. Frank actually has an embed in his post — I don’t have windows on this machine so I can’t test before embedding a sample on Radar.

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