Where 2.0: EveryScape Crowdsources Streetview

EveryScape currently provides streetviews for only a few cities, but with their ambitious Ambassadors program, aims to rapidly expand using paid volunteers. [See Brady’s previous post for details on EveryScape’s technology.] Actually, EveryScape goes beyond streetviews and exposes interior views of businesses willing to pay for the service.

With the Ambassadors program, EveryScape will compensate teams (driver, photographer/navigator) willing to help them expand to cities all over the world. The task entails flying to their U.S. offices to get trained on how to mount and work the still cameras used to create streetviews, and driving streets of assigned cities over several weeks. Brady previously posted on how EveryScape technology was used to capture streetviews of portions of Beijing. It will be interesting to see if the Ambassadors program leads to similar surprising examples of geodata being liberated.

The list of areas/cities they are targeting is extensive. By relying on affordable, commercially available still cameras, EveryScape can cost-effectively equip and train the teams that qualify for the program. Ambassadors are compensated for each mile they capture and have rights to capture the local business data in those same areas.

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