Where Week in the Bay Area (May 10th- 17th)

Where 2.0 starts next week on May 12th, but that’s not evening the beginning of the geo-related activities that some people are calling “Where Week”. Here are the events that I am aware of so far.

Saturday, May 10th: Make your own map of San Francisco at an OSM Mapping party. Details TBD. No GPS required. More info.

Sunday, May 11th: Fly UAVs with Chris Anderson and the folks from PictEarth at an “airfield available at the former Alameda Naval Air Station nearly Oakland (right across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco) and could fly on the afternoons of Sunday, May 11th or Monday, May 12.” Post-flight drinks are on Chris. More Info.

Monday, May 12th: Where 2.0 starts this morning with workshops. That evening Where Ignite & Launchpad will be at the SFO Marriott and is open to the public (as are the bars). It will feature a mix of 14 launching companies and short-form presentations. More Info.

Tuesday – Wednesday, May 13th & 14th: Where 2.0 keynotes start each morning at 9AM. The first morning kicks off with Adrian Holovaty of Everyblock and John Hanke of Google. Throughout the following days we’ll hear from Microsoft, Yahoo, Loopt, Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ, The conference ends with a talk on mapping activists from Erik Hersman.

Thursday, May 15th: Also today there will be meetings on the Burning Earth project. Contact bman.deletethis at burningman.com for details. Finally, there is also a Data Sharing Summit this day at the Computer History Museum. Any discussion about user data eventually turns to location. More info.

Friday, May 16th: Rest. Make your own map of Sunnyvale at an OSM Mapping party. It starts at Yahoo! No GPS required. More info.

Saturday – Sunday, May 17th & 18th: The second WhereCamp, an independent unconference, will be held at the Googleplex both days. Last years was a great time to talk about the impact of all of the Where 2.0’s announcements. More info.

If there anymore geo-hacker events leave them in the comments.

Brady: Sorry for the re-posting. We recently upgraded to MT4 and have been having problems posting from clients; re-posting through the web interface.

Brady: The second OSM party is Friday, not Thursday.