BarCampBank is spreading

logobarcampbank_200x50.shkl.pngWhen Ben Black and I organized the first BarCampBank in North America last year, we hoped that it would spread. According to William Azaroff’s post on NetBanker, the movement is there and growing:

What’s all this about BarCampBanks? From a North American premiere in Seattle almost a year ago, we’ve witnessed two more in the last few months, and eight more are either scheduled, or in the planning process.

Well, maybe not exactly “planned.” BarCampBanks emerge more than they are planned.

[…]It started as a technology summit, an un-conference where developers and technology geeks could share exploits, connect, and find like-minded companions to extol the virtue of open-source and emerging technologies over pizza and wine.

And then someone decided that this forum would be a perfect place to talk about banking and finance. Weird. And yet it works.

The next event will be BarCampBankDallas on June 21-22nd at the American Bank of Texas Building in Frisco, Texas. William has details on the other events this year on his blog, and a current list can always be found on the main BarCampBank wiki.

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