Bill Coleman to keynote Velocity

Bill-ColemanBill Coleman has twice transformed our industry, and I’m excited to announce that he will keynote Velocity later this month. Bill is most famous for being the “B” in BEA and for leading the creation of Solaris while at Sun. He is now the CEO of his new startup, Cassatt, which “makes Data Centers more efficient”.

Bill is awesome and I’m really looking forward to his keynote. He is changing the way we think about and manage Data Centers and the software that runs within them.

When we spoke earlier this week he explained how vacuum tubes created the fear of powering down servers, and how funny it is that that fear persists with people that have never seen them. (I’ve never made that connection as I’m “part of the problem” ;-)

At Velocity, Bill will likely talk about virtualization & efficiency, where he thinks we’re headed, and the questions we need to be asking now to get there.

(Many thanks to Tim for suggesting this to Bill and making the introduction.)

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