Can You Feel The Love, Twitter?

At our weekly phone call this week, the Radar folks were talking about Twitter and how much we wish it were stable. I observed that I find it extraordinary how well we, the users, have reacted to Twitter’s ongoing scaling problems. Sure, there’s a lot of “look, scaling is easy“, “no it isn’t!“, “couldn’t you build one that’s distributed?” talk, but (except for Arrington’s periodic weekend linkbait turd salvos across Twitter’s bows) it’s all been remarkably well-comported. Users love the sinner and hate the sin; we want Twitter to succeed, so even when there’s armchair engineerly it’s largely good-natured. It feels like we’re on Twitter’s side, and that’s an amazing and rare thing for a company to have. Any other startup and the users would have bolted to any of the improbably-named Twitter-clone startups after Twitter’s first weekend with no tweets. Any thoughts about what they’ve done to earn this patience and affection?