Startup Camp Companies Selected

Mark Jacobsen from O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures asked me to post this announcement about Startup Camp:

We received an overwhelming response to our call for participants in the first annual OATV Startup Camp which will be held prior to this year’s Foo Camp. There were so many great submissions that cutting the list to seven startups was extremely difficult. The companies selected include:

  • Collective Knowledge
  • EduFire
  • LReady
  • Neo Technology
  • Reductive Labs
  • Replicator
  • Stonewall

If your company is listed above, you should have received an email from us with a formal invitation to the OATV Startup Camp and Foo Camp. If you applied and are not listed above, we thank you for your application. There were too many good proposals and we simply did not have enough room to invite more.

We also want to thank the following startup veterans who have agreed to lead various sessions at the OATV Startup Camp:

  • Michael Arrington: founder of TechCrunch; co-founder of Achex, and
  • Dale Dougherty: co-founder of O’Reilly Media & GNN; publisher, MAKE magazine
  • Esther Dyson: founder of EDventure Holdings, PC Forum, Release 1.0
  • Mark Fletcher: founder of Bloglines and ONElist
  • Marc Hedlund: co-founder of Popular Power and Wesabe
  • Dave McClure: founder of Startup2Startup, conference chair for Graphing Social Patterns and Web 2.0 Expo
  • Howard Morgan: founding investor of Idealab; partner at First Round Capital
  • Tim O’Reilly: founder of O’Reilly Media
  • Kathy Sierra: co-creator of the Head First series of books
  • Evan Williams: co-founder of Pyra Labs (, Odeo, Obvious Corp and Twitter
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