Thingamajiggr II: Friday Night in Seattle


Just a reminder that we are throwing another Thingamajiggr party to celebrate the innovative tech community in the Pacific Northwest. It will combine great speakers, innovative technology, geek inspired art, VJs, DJs, bar, and creative technologists. The second Thingamajiggr is happening in Seattle the evening of June 13th, 7:30pm – 1am. It will be held at the 911 Media Arts Center in South Lake Union. All proceeds will go to benefit the 911 Media Arts Center. It will be co-hosted by Waggle Labs and O’Reilly Radar. Tickets can be purchased for $10 presale, 15$ at door, 21+ only. Details on the program are below.

We’ve just added a silk screening workshop so bring a shirt or jacket to decorate while you are there. It’ll be in the same room that you get your free LED Throwie.


(8:00pm – 9:30pm):

After opening up with some Ignite talks we’ll hear from

john mendina uw

John Mendina – Do you drive while talking on a cell phone or read e-mail while talking on the phone? Come hear Dr. John Medina, author of “Brain Rules,” a developmental molecular biologist, explain why the brain can’t multitask. He is an affiliate Professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is also the director of the Brain Center for Applied Learning Research at Seattle Pacific University. Visit, see Dr. Medina’s news coverage or watch his Tech Talk at Google.

dan savage

Dan Savage is a nationally syndicated sex advice columnist and author of several books. He’s taken the local weekly The Stranger to a national level, slogged his way onto the net, and has been blamed for destroying podcasting. Dan will be telling us where he thinks the publishing industry is going wrong.


(9:30pm – 1:00pm):


Join a workshop!

  • LED Throwies by the Dorkbot Overlords
  • Knitting 2.0: How “hi-tech meets hand-spun” is changing the face of this traditional craft, by Beth Goza.
  • New: Silk Screening for the Masses – Bergen McMurray of Deviant:Design will be on-hand to guide you through the process.


  • OBViouS video sculpture, a five-artist show curated by 911 Media Arts Center Affiliate Curator Steven Vroom
  • Power Tool Races Installation and Conversation Piece by Hazardfactory
  • The Ionization Clock — where every passing second is another step into obsolescence — by Simon Winder

It’s a Seattle Tech Community Weekend!

Technophiles, this the weekend for you. Be sure to check out our friends, including:

Sponsored by Voyager Capital, Identity Mine, Pathable, and O’Reilly Radar.