Mobile Frenzy Feeds Mobile Carriers

During the “2018: Life on the Net” panel at the Fortune Brainstorm: Tech conference, Joichi Ito noted that money sometimes follows money in a not necessarily thoughtful manner. One example is in mobile, where the mobile frenzy is in actuality pumping very significant amounts of money into the carriers’ pockets. It’s an important point to remember. Here’s the clip from Silicon Valley Watcher:

And here is some supporting food for thought from mocoNews:

Matt Murphy, partner at Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers and head of their “iFund” investment pool for the iPhone, said early results from the App Store prove the potential growth opportunity. In just 10 days more applications were downloaded for the iPhone than what a carrier will typically see in a month from wallpaper and ringtone sales, he said.

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