MONEY:TECH 2009 Up and Running

I am happy to announce that the Money:Tech site is up and running. We’ve been working on the program for a while. We are looking for people in both the Finance and Technology communities to participate, as attendees and presenters. The last Money:Tech was a success and the next one promises even more.

Money:Tech 2009, will take place February 4-6, 2009 in New York. We are planning a day for workshops and 2 days for the conference itself. We decided to include a workshop day for those out there that wanted to experience and work with some of the latest techniques in gathering, acquiring, and using data from the Internet. More information on workshops will appear in the very near future.

Money:Tech will be loosely organized around these ideas:

  • Big Data: Using the Internet to find and harvest new and useful data sets to extract value on companies, industries, sectors
  • Visualization/Analytics: Tools, techniques, and applications that make it easier to spot useful patterns, trends, and information
  • Research is Everywhere: Who are the new research players and what are they offering?
  • Prediction Markets: The pluses and minuses of prediction markets—and how people are using them as part of their investment process
  • Collective Intelligence: Drawing inferences, trends, and decisions from the crowd via tools, techniques, web sites, and applications

A few questions for you first:

Do you have an interesting topic, idea, product, or an application of existing tools and techniques that this marketplace needs to know?
Are you building the next Majestic Research or the next Wikinvest?
Are you consuming RSS feeds to power your insight into news and markets?
Are you scraping data from Amazon, Wal-Mart, and others using Kapow, Connotate, Dapper , or a host of other tools, to power you channel checking abilities?
Are you feeding you information needs through iGoogle, Yahoo! Pipes, Google Finance, & Yahoo! Finance?
Are you using Gerson Lehman, Coleman Research, or Primary Insight to supplement your own investment ideas and themes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or you are intrigued by the prospects, then this is the conference for you. This is for people who like to Think, Speak, & Do.

You can make presentation submissions here

I’ll be blogging more about Money:Tech in the near future. Look for upcoming speaker announcements and sessions. You’ll be able to following the action here as well as Program Chair Paul Kedrosky’s blog

My thanks to the team at O’Reilly for getting this site going. I would also like to thank our Money:Tech Advisory Board, Bill Janeway, Roger Ehrenberg, David Leinweber, Cathleen Rittereiser and of course Tim O’Reilly, for their previous and continuous input.