Suggestions for Web 2.0 Summit Charity Auction?

At this year’s Web 2.0 Summit, we’re holding a charity auction as part of our “web meets world” focus.

From the press release:

The Web 2.0 Summit team will solicit donations, and donation ideas, from individuals and companies within the community and then choose the 10
most promising and unique offerings to auction after the conference dinner. Lance Armstrong, the seven time Tour de France winner and founder of the Lance Armstrong Foundation and, will donate an autographed bicycle that he signs on-stage during his interview with John Battelle. All proceeds from the event will benefit three charities, including, which uses video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations.

Members of the Web community can contribute to the success of the Web Meets World auction by joining the Web 2.0 Summit Facebook community and suggest which charities should benefit from the auction and what you would consider a priceless donation. Individuals or companies who would like to offer auction items should email

We’re looking for suggestions as well as donations. For example, what might O’Reilly donate that would bring a big price for the target charities? For example, how much would you donate to have us organize a mini-foo camp for a company, bringing together cool hackers in the company’s area of interest? (But suggestions are best if you have some kind of angle on actually helping to make them happen.)

Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments as well as by email or facebook as outlined above.

For more details, see the Summit auction page.

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  • a couple of quick ideas:

    1. A life time ‘subscription’ to O’Reilly content (the winning bidder could request 1 free copy of any/all O’Reilly books for life). Maybe just for 5 years or some other random range…

    2. An entire collection of O’Reilly books to be donated to the winning bidder’s school of choice

    3. Free entry into any O’Reilly sponsored events/camps/etc. for 2 years (or one year or whatever).

    Anyway, those are just a few quick ideas off the top of my head…I’ll try to think of some more/better ones :)

  • We’re located in the Waterloo Research & Technology Park beside University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada (the BlackBerry was invented here). There are several startups borne out of university research here and my guess is that you’d have no trouble getting $25k out of one of them for a mini-foo camp to help them build some buzz and have great minds poking holes / offering suggestions. It’s not great money but remember they’re all bootstrapping it ;)

    Another option might be for each of them to pool funds and if they collectively manage to generate $100k you could make it happen.