Game Re-creates Lost Oakland Neighborhood

My hat’s off to the release of a superb project out of the UC Berkeley Journalism School that re-creates a “lost” and once vibrant neighborhood of Oakland, 7th Street:

There’s much more to be done — developing a curriculum so grade school students can use the game to learn about 7th
Street and the blues and jazz scene (we got a small grant to help with this); installing some computers we’re buying for
the West Oakland Senior Center and the West Oakland Library so folks there can access and play the game; getting older
folks and young kids to play the game together as an experiment
in cross-generational learning; building out the next phase
of the game, in which the player will be challenged to organize
the community to stop the projects that destroyed 7th Street,
such as BART, the post office, the freeway and the public
housing projects; and filling in more of the current game world
by adding more characters and places the player can interact

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