Ignite @ Gnomedex and Elsewhere

elan at gnomedex

On Friday & Saturday of August 22nd & 23rd we’ll be doing 8 Ignite talks at Gnomedex in Seattle. These talks will each be 5 minutes long with 20 slides and only 15 seconds a slide (they auto-advance). We want to hear your cool ideas, hacks, lessons, and “war stories”. What do you want to talk about? Feel free to submit a talk if you are local to the NW or are attending Gnomedex.

Gnomedex is Chris Pirillo’s annual conference. This year it’s being held at the Bell Harbor Conference Center in Seattle, WA. The schedule includes Danny Sullivan (Search Engine Land), Evan Malone (Fab@Home) and Ben Huh (I Can Has Cheezburger?). If you haven’t seen an Ignite talk watch some videos at http://ignitenight.blip.tv.

There are other Ignites coming up soon:

As you can see Ignite is spreading! If you are interested in doing your own Ignite check out the Ignite community site and read the HowTo.

Image courtesy of Hyku. Thanks!