Radar Theme: Clean Energy Tech

[This is part of a series of posts that briefly describe the trends that we’re currently tracking here at O’Reilly]

All civilization depends on energy, and always has done so. Oil is rising rapidly in price and alternative energy and energy consumption management have become viable businesses. We’re interested in the IT use of energy technology (green data centers) and the energy industry’s use of IT (smart monitors, intelligent grids, data center placement).

Watchlist: IBM/Sun/Google, Amazon/Microsoft, Wattzon, Vinod Khosla.

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  • Jack

    Green technologies are definitely the hot topic this days – it is on everyone’s mind. Greener data centers, and having those data centers moved offshore, to places such as Iceland is also becoming a new trend.

    Most companies are doing it to save some money (cheaper energy costs) rather than “saving the planet” but as long as they have that double-bottom line, we are all ok.