Get a Donkey's Eye-View of Amsterdam & PICNIC

donkeypdia cristian & asino

Here at PICNIC there is a donkey named Asino being led around by a fellow named Christian. The pair have a GPS, solar-panels and a video camera. As they roam around Amsterdam they geotag videos and photos for uploading to Donkeypedia, a Dutch-language site. As far as I know it is the only Donkey-enabled mashup.

The site takes a unique approach to showing the content and breaks out of “red-dot fever“. It takes advantage of the time-stamp (unlike so many sites and mashups) and lets you move through content forwards and backwards. When the donkey moves to a point the associated images and videos appear for viewing.

I am sure that Christian and Asino’s PICNIC imagery will be up soon.

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  • FatDave

    I cannot imagine all the wonderful things you can do with your donkey in Amsterdam. Please, let there be some midgets…

  • Hi, thanks for describing the project. I know the site is still in Dutch, we are working on Ennglish version. But are you aware of the association tool! if you go to handle on top , you go to the network of pictures. Or go to the tags at the pictures themselves. Thanks. Frank Alsema Creative Poducer of DonkeyPedia.