Ignite Boston 4 — Videos Uploaded

Ignite Boston 4 was an interesting and insightful event. We have many things to take away as we plan our next event for January. One of the themes, which was re-crystalized in my mind, was to do work on things that matter – things of substance and World importance! Following that line of thinking, Voting is one of those things that we cannot take for granted and then complain when a new administration gets into office and enacts policies that affect us all. Join us all on trying to ‘get the vote out’ by talking to folks about our historical vote coming soon. Regardless of your affiliation, vote and get people to vote.

Thanks to all of you who made Ignite Boston 4 a great evening. If you were not able to attend, or if you want to refresh what you heard, you can find the videos to each talk below. Enjoy and we hope to see you in January.

Speaker Video [.mov]
Dan Chak — Scaling to the Size of your Problems Video
Cameron Freer — vdash – a formal math commons Video
Joseph Flaherty — Personal Fabrication: 2013 Video
Ben Grossman — Aggregation Conversation Video
Rahul Dave — Scaling Astronomy Video
John Burkhardt — What is Live Mesh? Video
Tim O’Reilly — Work on Stuff that Matters Video
Mansour Raad — Disaster Routing Application in 24hours Video
Jon Radoff — Megatrends in Video Gaming Video
Wayne Kurtzman — i can haz analytix? Video
David Berube — How To Turn Inevitable Startup Failure Into A Chance For Success Video
Brian Peltonen — Grey Thumb: Artificial life discussion group in Boston Video
Benjamin Mako-Hill — Revealing Errors Video
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