Ignite NYC II Tonight!

Tonight on the eve of the Web 2.0 Expo NY we will have 12 Ignite speakers who each get just five minutes on stage. Bre Pettis, the co-creator of Ignite will be hosting a cupcake decorating contest. Ignite is going to be at New World Stages (340 West 50th Street) where we are a guest of the New York Television Festival. They are providing us a ~400 person theatre and free beer (during the cupcake contest).

Here is the speaker order:

Jason Grigsby – Cup Noodle: Innovation, Inspiration and Manga

Jennifer Pahlka
– Technology Anxiety: Jello and Web 3.0

Krikorian Raffi
– holmz : open database for energy consumption

Sam Lessin
– A very brief history of privacy in our data-deluged world

Nichelle Stephens
– Cupcakes: The iPhone of Desserts

Don Carli
– The Carbon Footprint of Banner Ads, Emails and Websites and why you should care

Andrew Schneider
– Experimental Devices for Performance

Audacia Ray
– Porn as a front runner in technology innovations… With a twist

Kati London – plant’s eye-view of manhattan

Gillian Andrews
– The Source Of All Stupid On The Internet

Deb Schultz
– Alley vs Valley

Nate Westheimer
– Magic at the Democratic National Convention

Here is a rough schedule for how the night will go.

7:15 Door & Bar opens

7:30 Cupcake Contest Begins

8:15 Cupcakes Contest Ends

8:45 Ignite Talks Begin

9:45 Ignite talks end; upstairs bar opens

If you plan on entering the cupcake decorating competition plan on bringing your own decorations. We will have some on-hand but if you are going to be the cupcake decorating champion of NYC then you’ll need to bring something unique. You will not be required to use our cupcakes; feel free to bring your own.

Hundreds of people have RSVP’d on Upcoming or Facebook.