News Roundup: Customizable Magazine Service Launches, French E-Reader Includes Subscriptions, Library Tags Online-Offline Recommendations

Maghound Customizable Magazine Service Launches

Maghound, a customizable magazine service from Time Inc., is now available. From Folio:

The membership pricing is tiered– three titles for $4.95 a month, five titles for $7.95, seven titles for $9.95, and $1 per title for eight titles or more. Memberships can be entirely managed online, as well as by email and phone, from changing magazine title selections to updating personal information and placing magazine delivery on hold for a temporary period. (Continue reading)

France Telecom E-Reader Includes Subscriptions

France Telecom’s Read & Go trial service bundles e-reader hardware with a subscription to mobile content. From BusinessWeek:

The trial of the prototype will wrap up this month, and by 2009, France Telecom aims to start distributing the Read & Go in conjunction with a subscription-based news service of the same name. For a monthly charge similar to a mobile service plan, customers will receive an over-the-air stream of aggregated content from a wide assortment of information sources. Alongside the articles will be ads that help defray the cost of the service. (Continue reading)

Library Uses Tags to Link Online-Offline Recommendations

LibraryTechNZ mentions an interesting engagement of a European library with its community, something that bookstores could also do:

The library at the Hague in the Netherlands has introduced a simple form of tagging in real life. They now have two returns drop-boxes. One is for all items, and the other is for amazing books. Staff take the ‘amazing’ books and put them in the ‘amazing books’ display for visitors to browse. But they also tag them ‘amazing’ in the Library’s collection database.

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