Web 2.0 Expo CFP is Open

The Web 2.0 Expo in SF is our largest conference for the web community. It brings together over 10K web professionals to meet in the hallways, attend sessions and keynotes, and explore the Expo floor. If you wish to speak you’ll be glad to know that the CFP for Web 2.0 Expo SF is open. We will be accepting talks until October 8th.

We use this Call For Participation to find speakers for our sessions and tutorials. With the of help our committee, my co-chair Jen Pahlka and I select the content that will best service the attendees. Your submission should clearly answer the following questions: “How will this session will benefit the attendee?”, “What will they learn?” and “Why are you the person to speak on it?”. Including a brief outline of your talk shows us you’ve thought this through. These are the tracks we are trying to fill (with an abbreviated set of questions):

Main Conference Tracks (approximately 13 sessions each)

  • Strategy & Business Models

    What are the critical and key strategies for building Web 2.0 businesses, platforms and business models? What should attendees be preparing for during the downturn? How can they compete in Asia and European markets?
  • Marketing & Community How can a company best use its web marketing dollars? What’s the best and most manageable way of using social media to interact with your customers? What’s the latest magic behind SEO and SEM? How can you protect your brand online?
  • Design & User Experience

    How do we bring the skills that have served us well for the past several years to mobile devices? How do the expectations of your users change when they’re interacting with you on the go? How do you meet — if not exceed them? This track looks at the technical concepts, process innovations, design patterns, and frameworks that inform today’s web applications, from the perspective of user experience and interaction design.
  • Fundamentals

    We’ll discuss the state of the art and the relevant open questions around the building blocks of Web 2.0: user-generated content, tagging, collective intelligence, co-development with your users, licensing, policy, identity, trust, transparency and data ownership and access. This track is designed to help those newer to the Web 2.0 understand how to bring the core concepts of Web 2.0 together to deliver a great web application.
  • Development

    The Web has shown us a new way of building and releasing software. Moving at lightspeed is expected. Lightweight frameworks with support for standards and interactivity are the chosen weapons of the day. This track is for experienced programmers looking to improve their understanding of the technical ecosystem –what’s baked now and what’s lurking below the radar.

Focus Tracks (approximately 5 sessions each))

  • Web Operations

    Web Operations are critical to every organization that depends on the web for revenue. Sessions will cover infrastructure automation, scaling Rails and LAMP stacks, virtualization and cloud computing, caching, load balancing, monitoring, and more.
  • Mobile

    The mobile web has been been undergoing a dramatic evolution, with the prevalence of the iPhone, Android and forthcoming Blackberry platforms. This track looks at the technical, business, design and marketing aspects of mobile web applications.
  • Security

    It should be no surprise that as Web 2.0 hits the mainstream, security issues move into the spotlight. This track looks at technical, design and business aspects of security, from the assumption that true security is not a question of code alone.
  • Entertainment

    Games, videos, and other digital content are finding forms of expression as media mash up, brands become content providers, and the social web looks more and more like a big game every day. With unparalleled engagement and monetization metrics, what do other Web 2.0 developers have to learn from the innovators in the online entertainment space?

Looking for other way’s to participate? This year’s Expo we will be reprising the Web2Open (our onsite unconference) and Launchpad (a startup judging contest). More details for each program will come later.