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DonorsChoose is having their annual Blogger Challenge. O’Reilly’s blog network hat is in the Technology Blog category along with Fred Wilson, AllThingsD, BoingBoing and Techcrunch. Let’s see whose readers will bring more donations in. Donate here.

I personally just donated to help a kindergarten class get WiFi. We’ve selected other technology-oriented requests for us to assist. Join me in helping to bring technology to the classroom.

In a time of financial crisis it’s good to never lose sight of how important education is to our collective future.

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  • Haven Hamilton

    This sounds awesome. It actually reminds me of a site i just found out about causecast. it seems like a place where you can donate to a bunch of different charities. .

  • Jean

    Hi. I found a technology project on Donors Choose that I like but it is not on your page. What do I do?