Web 2.0 Expo Europe Videos Up

Many of the keynote videos from last week’s second Web 2.0 Expo Europe are available. The highlight for me was definitely Tim’s conversation with Martin Varsavsky, the CEO of Fon. He discussed his path from Argentina to Spain, his handling of the credit crisis a year before Sequoia’s warning and his philosphy as an entrepreneur.

Other mainstage highlights included:

A Conversation Between Yossi Vardi (International Technologies) and Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media)

Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Tinker.it!), In Case of Turbulence: Open Source Hardware

Saul Klein (Index Ventures), The European VC Market

Leisa Reichelt (www.disambiguity.com): Redesigning Drupal.org: An Exercise in Open Source Design

Unfortunately, only the mainstage sessions were recorded by us. You can find many speaker’s slides online. More videos will be coming this week, including my conversation with John Lilly (CEO of Mozilla) on their product’s future and the Tele Atlas’s CTO’s talk on their crowdsourced mapping process.

Updated: Dopplr provides a visualization of where our attendees came from. It’s great to see most of Europe so well represented.

dopplr expo europe viz

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