Join Us for a Tweetup Tonight

If I’m blogging it, is still a tweetup? Either way, we’re hosting a little shin dig tonight (Thursday) to celebrate the release of our new report, “Twitter and the Micro-Messaging Revolution: Communication, Connections, and Immediacy–140 Characters at a Time.”

Join us from 6:30 – 8p at House of Shields, 39 Montgomery St, SF. It’s a block from the Palace Hotel and the Web2.0 Summit, but the chatting and drinks are open to everyone.

In related news, follow our new Twitter Report account for interesting Twitter tidbits from Web2 and beyond. And if you’re wondering what all the Twitter hoopla is about anyway, this excerpt from the report will give you a sense of why micro-messaging excites us:

Twitter Report Excerpt

  • Frank

    Can we have the link to the document directly instead of having to signup for this ridiculous scribd service? Do I have to sign up next time if I want to read documents in html too?

  • The same excerpt is available on the report’s catalog page:

  • Stein-Ivar Aarsaether

    This links does not work. The reason seems to be that the end period is included .html. rather than only html

  • Sorry about that! Here it is w/o extra punctuation:

  • Woof thanks for your great Twitter report and for tweetin’ up! Twitter is the greatest thing since dog treats. Really it is. I see so much pawtential — I could paw on and on about it. I macro-love what micro-messaging’s doing for all of us!

    And I like the little Scribd app. It’s woofin’ cool. The commenter who called it “ridiculous” wasn’t being very pawlite.