Mary Meeker's Annual State of the Internet

Web 2.0 Summit High Order Bit -Mary_Meeker

Morgan Stanley’s Mary Meeker just took the stage at Web 2.0 Summit and is presenting her information-rich slides. I’ve put a copy up on Scribd for all to view. The video of her talk will be up shortly.

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  • Interesting that Mary Meeker uses a sports example to show how mobile, TV and Web create a sum greater than any of the parts. This something we talk about a lot at We feel that sports franchises have chance to increase reveue from digital as long as they realize the power of fans engaging through multiple media.

  • Anonymous

    I have to admit to having a problem with the kind of 20-20 hindsight Meeker displays. To say that THIS recession, (as opposed to A recession), is “long overdue” as she says, makes it sound as though she predicted it, its scope, character and cause.

    Apparently it’s enough to have a certain tone in your voice while speaking and come armed with powerpoint presentations with charts and graphs to be taken seriously.

    At least we know this with certainty- the cause of the current crisis was not, as she asserts, “the demand that more people be put into mortgages” by anyone, least of all the government or the Fed. It was, Ms. Meeker, the excessive leverage used by companies, like Morgan Stanley, and the unregulated insurance policies issued under the name “credit default swap” which caused house of cards like Morgan Stanley to collapse.

    Supposedly, Ms Meeker’s keen observation and analysis could have saved Morgan Stanley a pile of money:

    If she can’t understand the well documented cause of the very public events she lives through correctly, am I supposed to take her seriously as a prognosticator? I don’t think so.

  • Monkeyman

    Wow, what an awful slideshow. Information rich slides? Bloated unreadable slides more like.
    Somebody needs to buy Mary “Presentation Zen” by Garr Reynolds and/or “Slide:ology” by Nancy Duarte for Christmas.

  • I’d forgotten how bottom line orientated Wall Street is. The talk is all about revenues, retail and ads, but not about value. Obviously value must be monetized to keep everything going, but the internet is a much bigger entity than this.

    Even the most trivial applications like email vs snail mail would indicate that the communication path is going via the internet. A recent statistic showing that iPhone users (like me) use the phone more for web access than talking should be indicative that something bigger is happening than just the retail and advertising being done.