“Technology is the 7th Kingdom of Life” – A conversation with Kevin Kelly

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Kevin Kelly doesn’t need much in the way of introduction to Radar readers. He is a big thinker looking at the intersection of biology, technology and culture.

Kevin gave a great High Order Bit at the Web 2.0 Summit and I caught up with him afterward. This interview covers:

  • The impact of the web on our recent elections
  • The rich new possibilities for interaction and collaboration afforded by the web
  • The Wisdom of the Crowds vs. the Stupidity of the Mob
  • Technology is the 7th Kingdom of Life… looking into “what technology wants”

This last section (at 7mins 30 secs) is the deepest and most provocative. Kevin assumes the point of view of technology to assess its needs and wants. This line of inquiry leads to some surprising conclusions.

My favorite quote from the conversation: “We are the sexual organs of technology”

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