Four short links

  1. Hahlo – a very sweet-looking mobile (iPhone in the particular) optimised Twitter interface. Although, as I said, every time a Twitter API-consuming web site makes me type in my username and password, a little piece of my soul dies. Thanks to @sogrady for the pointer.
  2. Prius as emergency generator – New York Times story about a clever gent who didn’t panic during the ice storm, but used his Prius to generate power to see him through.
  3. BurnBall, an iPhone game by Kiwi Foo Camp alumnus Tim Haines.
  4. Links as a first class object – Ian Bicking makes an eminently sensible suggestion for everyone building a CMS or even vaguely net-aware application.
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  • Thanks for the BurnBall mention Nat. If anyone wants a quick glance, here’s the BurnBall video on Vimeo –

  • I’ll second the Hahlo endorsement. It’s been my favorite iPhone Twitter app thus far. I prefer it to the native apps most of the time too. Word is that Twitter OAuth implementation is in beta testing, which I’m sure your soul will be grateful for.