New Tech Mixes Book Experience with Sensors

A new form of hybrid book is coming on the market — and the
inventor consults with Apple. From the Guardian UK:

Lyndsay Williams
who has already developed the PC sound card, SmartQuill, and
SenseCam — is now
working on SenseBooks, and the first of a series will be published
next year.

SenseBooks are a hybrid of paper and computer intelligence, and
will have MP3 quality audio from an ARM processor and a gigabyte of
storage. Williams says SenseBooks “will know when the user picks up
the book and looks at a page”:

A proximity sensor detects this and can light up pages or make
music. What is also useful is the book has sensors to know what page
it is on, can send a wireless message to a PC and open up a web page
with more information on. Current applications include children’s
teaching books, music books, cookery books etc.

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