O'Reilly Ebooks: 130 Top Titles Now Available, Plus an iPhone App and Head First PDFs

While there will always be a demand for printed books, few of those books will have a life entirely disconnected from the wider digital Web. In that sense, all publishing is becoming digital publishing, and all writing is writing for the Web. That’s a big shift, and it will take time for the existing players to make the transition (and we’ll almost certainly lose some along the way). For now, here’s a roundup of where things stand for us at O’Reilly on the ebook front:

In the coming months we’ll be working to make more of our new book content mobile-friendly, better integrate our book content with the Web, and continue exploring how to deliver our content in ways that take advantage of all that being digital has to offer.

If you’re a publisher trying to figure out how to deal with digital, registration is open for our 2009 Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. Lexcycle’s Marc Prud’hommeaux and Neelan Choksi will both be speaking. New York area publishers should also check out StartWithXML, our one-day forum deep-diving into how and why to move to flexible formats for more nimble book content.

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