Amazon Dropping Non-Amazon Ebook Formats (Sort of)

Via Publishers Weekly, Amazon announced Monday it will stop offering ebooks in formats other than Kindle and Mobipocket:

In the future, the online retailer says it plans to offer only e-books in the Kindle format (for wireless download to its Kindle reading device) and the Mobipocket format, both of which are owned by Amazon.

A contact at Amazon has clarified that apparently this change only applies to the Kindle:

This does not apply to eDocs because they are not DRM-protected. This only applies to DRM-protected eBooks.

A follow-up question about Kindle support of EPUB resulted in a polite but firm redirect to “the Kindle team.”

I know Amazon is a big company, and I know all too well how difficult intra-office communication can be even at a much smaller company like O’Reilly, but with Amazon in particular it’s really easy to get the sense that the left hand has very little idea what the right hand is doing (or perhaps “third left tentacle doesn’t know what the right tentacle is doing” is more appropriate).

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