ETech 2009 Schedule Posted; Early Registration Ends Monday

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ETech is a technologist’s playground. We specifically design the conference to expose new ideas and learn from the people behind them. This year the focus is on how the way we live is changing — through policy, technology and ideas. The proliferation of sensors, advances in materials and manufacturing, the changes in government and the financial market will all have a profound effect on our industry.

ETech is a four-day conference that runs from March 9-12 in San Jose, CA. Early registration ends on Monday. Use et09rad at checkout for an additional 10% off (this will work even after early registration pricing ends).

ETech is a broad conference. The first day is filled with three-hour tutorials that range in topics from Refactoring Your Wetware (by Andy Hunt), Lilypad Arduino (was sold-out, but we were able to free up some new spots), an RFID-Arduino project, mapping with Stamen Design, 3D printing with the Reprap, and programming with MIT’s Scratch. The following three days will be mix of plenary and breakout sessions. Here’s a listing of all the talks and speakers. They’ll be focused on:

I hope to see you there.

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  • uggh

    i’ve missed only one eTech, this one looks like a carbon copy of last year. Probably 40% of the speakers are talking about the same stuff as last year with a new ‘Green’ spin or whatever. I mean more Mark F, Jane M blathering on about the same thing as last year.

    eTech used to be good but Oreilly cannibalized it to start Where, Found, Web 2.0, etc.

    2009 is the year eTech jumped the shark, especially with this guy:

    Brady i know you tried, but price is way too high and content not that enticing.

    I am sure this comment will be deleted

  • brady forrest


    Your comment will not be deleted.

    We have a lot of new speakers. Mark F. is one of them. To my knowledge he’s never spoken before. Jane is returning after last year’s hiatus with a brand-new project to share.

    Other new speakers include Tony Jebara of Sense Networks, Mok Oh of Everyscape, Ashwini Osaokan of Intel Research, Jennifer Magnolfi of Herman Miller and Christa Hockensmith of EMRTC.

    There are topics that we are continuing from last year, but I would argue that there is a new focus with an increase in Synthetic Biology and Materials especially.

    Who or what would you like to see included in the program?

    BTW, the jump-the-shark gentleman you reference is in a Sponsored session.