Four short links: 12 Jan 2009

Brace yourself: kids, design, newspapers, and robots. It can only be another collection of four tasty links (or the key elements of the least successful Disney holiday movie ever).

  1. Our Work So Far This Year – amazing blog entry about St Pauls high school in England, which has had exceptional technologists come to speak to their ITC class. Who? Oh, only the CEO of Arduino company, Steven Johnson, Cory Doctorow, Gavin Starks, Phil Gyford, Tom Armitage, …. They recorded the talks and are building their own YouTube channel. The really interesting bit is at the top where they talk about the skills that their 13-year olds are coming into their ICT class with: last year they were teaching tabbed browsing to the first years, this year the first years are coming in with Firefox on a USB drive so they can keep their bookmarks wherever they go ….
  2. Infinite Zoom Into Milk – a glimpse at a delectable series of books that drill into everyday items to reveal manufacturing and design decisions, materials, etc.
  3. Things Our Friends Have Written On The Internet – a very classy compilation of favourite blog posts and Tweets, assembled into a tabloid-sized newspaper with tastefully typesetting. Are there sufficient numbers of offline people left that it’s worth producing a mainstream magazine compiled, like this, from online material? If so, how long until those economics no longer apply?
  4. Anybots Launches – congrats to Trevor Blackwell, whose presence and work have graced several Foo camps. Anybots, his telepresence robot company, revealed their products at CES last week.
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