Four short links: 15 Jan 2009

Today we have Tom’s Brain on Flickr, the Newspaper Industry’s Death in Context, REST with friends, and Filthy Lucre from Twitter.

  1. A map of my brain – Tom Coates mindmaps his interests as part of brainstorming for a Webstock talk. I’d love to see these for other geeks. I guess part of keeping up with your friends is building your own models of what their mindmaps look like.
  2. How Newspapers Tried to Invent the Web – a Slate piece showing that newspapers have always reacted to new media, from buying up airways when radio became big, to videotex and the proprietary information sources that predated the mainstreaming of the Internet. Puts the modern handwringing in context. Sample quote from 1980: “What you’re really worried about is an electronic Yellow Pages that will destroy your advertising base, isn’t it?”
  3. RESTful Django Practice – the full RESTian mindset is surprisingly difficult to grok, so one programmer has said “here’s how I think it works for a sample app” and his readers are using the comments to describe the choices, drawbacks, pitfalls, and best practices. I love the Internet.
  4. 1stfans – a mixture of social networking updates, Twitter feeds from artists, and in-person events that the museum hopes will be a good excuse for people to become members and support the museum’s operation. Twitter Feed as Membership Benefit goes into detail on their reasons. It’s always interesting to see people experimenting with finding things to charge for online.
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