Four short links: 21 Jan 2009

In today’s edition: the spread of fake news, keeping track of your real power use, a Javascript library
and a less-than-impressed take on mobile location apps.

  1. Echo Chamber – the British tabloid The Sun posted a story that turned out to be fabricated. This site tracked that story’s spread and uncritical acceptance by other news outlets and web sites.
  2. Real Time Web-Based Power Charting – build the software and hardware to get a live chart in a web page that updates every 10 seconds with the instantaneous power usage for your entire house.
  3. ActiveRecordJS – just what it sounds like, ActiveRecord for Javascript. AR is a complex subsystem of Rails, and it’s interesting to see the functionality ported to Javascript.
  4. I Am Here: One Man’s Experiment with the Location-Aware Lifestyle – a reporter tries all the location apps, and discovers the future isn’t all here yet. Interesting: only three paragraphs of this long story are about the good bits of location services, the rest question its implementation, privacy, and utility.
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  • Correction: active record is the design pattern at the core of object-relational mappers (ORM). ActiveRecord.js has very little in common with Rails’ ActiveRecord other than the fact that they implement the same pattern. Rather than tying it to Rails, it would be much more useful to place ActiveRecord.js in the context of JavaScript ORM development right next to JazzRecord and possibly others I’m not aware of.

  • @Adrian: good point, thanks. I keep confusing AR the Rails class with AR the pattern.