Hope Art

The Capitol Hill Seattle blog has produced a short video about the surge of Obama art around Seattle. On the street you can find Shepard Fairey’s Hope image has been put on garage doors and merged with donuts. It’s also being used to advertise for local businesses (as seen in these coffee posters).

The other day I heard an interview with Shepard on NPR about how his art went from the street to the inauguration. It’s definitely worth a listen.

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  • So great to see how inspired everyone is! I was actually surprised to be one of the only people out during the inauguration doing a more conceptual piece.

    I asked 100’s of ppl to pick a word to represent how they feel abt Obama, then I took their picture.

    I combined the photos into a video.
    It’s pretty poignant:


    or directly,

  • Andrew O

    The NPR interview is really inspiring about what’s possible when you put something out there and keep after it for a long time. Thanks for pointing it out, Brady.

  • hopefully obama will get the economy out of the gutter.