Everyone's New Favorite Question About Twitter

For a while there, you couldn’t surf a single drop of the web without smacking into the question, “How will Twitter make money?” Although that question remains unanswered, Internet interest has shifted. Today’s favorite question about the micromessaging service is: “Has Twitter has gone mainstream?” Or, somewhat less optimistically, “Will Twitter go mainstream?

Of course, the question isn’t new; people have been asking it since about three minutes after Twitter debuted. But with an ever-rising tide of media exposure, it’s becoming more likely that Twitter has become part of everyone’s everyday experience.

As the mother of all mainstream events, the Superbowl gives us a handy gauge of Twitter’s reach. On the one hand, Twitter played a big role in fan reviews of the ads during the game. In addition, traditional media outlets now regularly refer to Twitter without feeling the need to explain to readers what the service is. Check out this this cool, Twitter-driven post-game report from The New York Times, or Forbes’ casual mention of tweetups.

On the other hand, NBC didn’t incorporate Twitter into its broadcast, and–more telling–not a single ad included a sponsor’s Twitter handle. While a few brands did use Twitter to reach fans, you’ll know for sure that Twitter has hit the big time when you begin to see @CompanyNames in television and print ads.

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