Four short links: 2 Feb 2009

  1. Songs off the ChartsJohannes Kreidler‘s audio visualizations using Microsoft Songsmith. Reminds me of Douglas Adams in Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency where the amazing spreadsheet program could produce happy jingles or funereal dirges based on a company’s revenues. (via Ben Fry)
  2. PWN! YouTube — elegant URL hack: replace “www.” with “pwn” in a YouTube movie URL and you’ll be given links to the Google content server location of the movie so you can download it.
  3. Apple iPhone and Microsoft Surface — the interesting folks at Stimulant have written the code to connect an iPhone to a Microsoft Surface. It recognizes one or more iPhones on the Surface and lets you display different things on the iPhone. In the demo you see an iPhone on a photo showing you a sketch version of the subject of the photo. The zoom is very smooth.
  4. Flickr, Getty, and the Greater Good (Phil Gyford) — “Flickr and Getty Images, the stock photography giant, are launching a new scheme which enables people to market some of their Flickr photos as stock photography through Getty.” Phil points out that CC-licensing and Getty-listing are mutually exclusive, and Flickr will switch the licensing on a photo to “All Rights Reserved” if you list with Getty. The first way people think of to profit from commons are to enclose and sell them. But the commons are a lot healthier when you make money by adding to them, not taking from them.

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  • But the commons are a lot healthier when you make money by adding to them, not taking from them.

    Yes, this can often be true. But how should Flickr and Getty structure their deal? If they offer a GPL-like license, a licensee would take the original and pay nothing. A licensee is being rational (and business-savvy) by paying the lowest possible cost. And the notion of “non-commercial” is rather slippery. Can you offer any suggestions for what they should do that will be fair to everyone?

  • That seems like it would interact badly with PicScout – Joe Third Party uses an image under the (irrevocable?) CC licensing, then the photog takes up with Getty, then PicScout hunts down Joe and sends a nastygram because it can’t tell what images used to be CC?

    Or am I missing something?

  • Den

    Similar to PWN: YouTube QR code bookmarklet. Lets you copy to mobile YouTube video (via QR code). See it here:

  • JustAComment

    Actually, for pwnyoutube, you don’t need to “replace” the www.

    You just insert ‘pwn’ in front of ‘youtube’.

    You can leave any subdomain as it is. So for example these and all other subdomains will work just fine:,,, etc.