Four short links: 23 Feb 2009

  1. Work in Small Batches — I’m obsessed by the pursuit of quality, but at human scale and not in the stultifying ISO9001 process. The ever-wonderful Startup Lessons Learned blog ties together Toyota Quality, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Deployment, with good explanations of why it works. (I’m reminded of “yes it works in practice, but can it work in theory?”)
  2. RSS Hits the Big Time — the stimulus bill requires government departments to offer Atom or RSS feeds of how they spend the money. The “omigod wow RSS in law!” comments remind me of when I first saw a URL on a billboard: it was the all-digital world impinging on my real physical world (or vice-versa). Reminded of William Gibson talking about our fleeting separation of digital and physical worlds.
  3. Objective C Internals — talk by Kiwi Foo Camp alumnus and recent emigre (Pixar’s gain is Australasia’s loss) about the innards of Objective C. I always find that I understand language features better when I understand an implementation mechanism for them.
  4. Prime Minister Delays NZ’s Insane Copyright Law — the delay isn’t the important bit, it’s the committment to abolish the bad law if the ISPs and the recording industry can’t reach an agreement. I was at the press conference, twittering furiously, and it was quite clear that the PM felt the law was crap and if the two parties hadn’t been mid-negotiation then it would have all been repealed. Optimism!
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