Ignite Show: Jason Grigsby on Cup Noodle

Today we are launching the first episode of the Ignite Show. The Ignite Show will feature a different speaker each week. This week’s speaker is Jason Grigsby doing a talk that was originally performed at Ignite Portland. Jason takes fun look at how Cup Noodle was created and how the team had to embrace constraints and new ideas to create this new food.

Ignite will be released for free weekly. It’s available on YouTube (user: Ignite), on our Ignite site (file) and via iTunes (we’ll be in the store shortly). It is being released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Ignite has spread to over 20 cities in the past two years. The third Ignite Boulder happened last night. The fifth Ignite Portland will happen tonight and New York’s third is on Monday. We want to highlight speakers from around the world with the show. If your town or city has lots of geeks throw an Ignite to bring them together!

The format of Ignite is 20 slides that auto-advance after 15 seconds. When you are on stage giving an Ignite talk this can be quite exhilarating (sometimes terrifying). The added adrenalin really adds to the presentation and I think that will come through on the small screen.

Thanks to Ignite Organizers, sponsors and attendees from around the world for making this show possible. Thanks to Social Animal for editing the show, Bre Pettis for co-hosting the first episode (and starting Ignite with me), and Sam Valenti of Ghostly Records for letting us use Michna’s Swiss Glide. Thanks to everyone at O’Reilly who has supported Ignite through the years especially Mary, Jennifer, Laura A., Laura P., Cali, Roberta, Mike, pt, Jesse, Sara, Laura B and Tim.

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