Four short links: 25 Mar 2009

IT, AI, IQ, and UK today:

  1. Definition IT — a blog about the ways in which IT is becoming a problem and not a solution. In the absence of any independent global standards or best practice models that guide the delivery of technology into businesses we have relinquished control to the suppliers of our technology. The suppliers are in a mammoth arms race to sell more products and this has become the de-facto controller for the delivery of technology into businesses. No one statement in the blog is outrageous, but they add up and indicate an industry that isn’t delivering the value it claims to.
  2. What is a Good Recommendation Algorithm? — Greg Linden starts an interesting conversation at the CACM blogs.
  3. Why Money Messes With Your Mind (New Scientist) — interesting psychological research. the volunteers who had been primed with the money-related words worked on the task for longer before asking for help. In a related experiment, people in the money-word group were also significantly less likely to help a fellow student who asked for assistance than were people in the group primed with non-money words.
  4. Obama’s Diplomatic Gift to UK Leader Fubared by DRM (BoingBoing) — we can laugh, but Obama’s team is stacked with ex-RIAA lawyers.
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