Four short links: 6 Mar 2009

Eye candy, kid brain candy, game code, and some hero worship. If that’s a smooth segue to your weekend, you’ve got a heck of life!

  1. GE’s awesome Flash/Computer Vision hack. Has to be seen to be believed (I’ve embedded the demo video below). (via, via Roger Magoulas)
  2. Eduwear“The objective is to develop an educational low-cost construction kit for wearable and tangible interfaces.”
  3. GameJS — A 2D flexible game programming environment in JavaScript, based on Microsoft’s XNA Game Network. (via Tom Carden’s delicious stream)
  4. Brewster Kahle in The Economist — he’s a saint, behind The Internet Archive, WAIS (the first full-text index engine on the web), and The Internet Bookmobile which was doing print-on-demand before it was mainstream. Brewster FTW!