One-Question Interview at BookNet Canada Tech Forum

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2009 BookNet Canada Technology Forum in Toronto (motto: Even colder than you expected!), and Mark Bertils caught up with me on my way out for a quick video interview:

Two follow ups on what I said, now that I have my feed handy:

  • The Peter Drucker reference is from his 5 Deadly Business Sins: “Cost-driven Pricing. The only thing that works is price-driven costing. The only sound way to price is to start out with what the market is willing to pay–and thus what the competition will charge–and design to that price specification.”
  • It was Mike Shatzkin (referencing Michael Cader) who made the recent point about the relative low cost of experimentation for publishers around pricing digital products: “You can’t get rich or go broke whether you price the ebook 50% too high or 50% too low. Try everything. You’ll never have a cheaper opportunity to experiment.”
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