Four Short Links: 17 Apr 2009

Twitter (not THAT story, though), semantics, gardening, and netbook supercomputers:

  1. Retweet Radar — the phrases showing up in heavily retweeted posts. This is another feature that should be incorporated into desktop clients. Three of the top 10 terms as retweeted by the General Public are “Ashton”, “CNN”, “followers”; if I wanted to read this drivel, I’d buy US Magazine. The point of software with a social network is to let me swerve the extreme blandness of mass culture that makes me want to poke sporks into my eyes just to have something I cared about. (via zephoria’s delicious stream)
  2. I Am Machine Tag and So Can YouThis post explains how you can use machine tags with your next web app or even your blog. With Machinetag, a jQuery plugin, you’ll be able to search and display machine tagged content as trees faster than Colbert can crack a quip. Well … maybe not that fast. Machine tags are Namespace:Predicate=Value tags that provide semantic information in a machine-readable fashion, they’re part of the rapid semantic weight-gain program that geeks have put the Web on. (via foe’s delicious stream)
  3. Robots Feed and Water Tomatoes (NZ Herald) — self-service Botanicalls on wheels.
  4. FAWN — Fast Array of Weak Nodes, a cluster built from low-power netbook CPUs. Using a cluster of the same processors that normally show up in netbooks and similar mobile devices, researchers have created a powerful server architecture that draws less power than a lightbulb. (via Roger Dennis)