Ignite Show: Jonathan Kahan on Samurai Swords as Cutting Edge Technology

A katana (commonly called a samurai sword) is a marvel of art and technology. In this week’s Ignite Episode, Jonathan Kahan walks us through its creation and usage. This was filmed at Ignite NYC 3. The next Ignite NYC will be held on 6/1.

This week the show is introduced by Andrew Hyde of Ignite Boulder and Techstars. The next Ignite Boulder is 4/29.

The Ignite Show will feature a different speaker every Tuesday for free. It’s available on YouTube (user: Ignite), on our Ignite site (subscribe) and via iTunes. It is being released under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

  • Thanks for the fun post.

    I saw a similar show many years back at the Japan Society in New York City, and still have a book about the exhibit.

    The blades are truly impressive — one of the milestones in the history of technology.

    The strength derives from the repeated folding of the molten steel, yielding in some cases tens of thousands of layers.


  • Really great..ty for that Post!!!

  • This is a great article and the sword certainly represents a marvel of art and technology. But the important thing is person and how the person and the sword work together.

    At the time when these swords were used for real they had a saying,

    the sword is the soul of the samuri

    This saying means, that after years of martial discipline (kendo) and when the mind of the person is so intune with the sword that it literally becomes a part of the person (a bit like driving a car).

    Im a technologist and kendoka (some one who studies the way of the sword), I firmly believe that as modern technology stabilizes we will find modern tools that we can have a similar realtionship with.

    Could you imagine handing your laptop down to your son when you die?

    Check out my kendo here http://www.shinbukankendo.com

  • Samurai swords is cool and great for art collection now days

  • In the picture of the samurai fighting on the beach,
    The one in the water was using wooden sword, carved from an oar.
    The duel was between Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojirō.

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  • wow! thanks for this post, i had fun watching