Four short links: 13 May 2009

  1. How NPR Tweets Topical Archive Material (Nieman Lab) — NPR Twitter bot that tweets relevant links to archived NPR material based on what people are currently seaching for. What an elegant way to inform online discussion, it’s like a heads-up display providing context for what you’re currently talking about! The article talks about when it doesn’t succeed as well as when it does. (via Evolving Newsroom)
  2. COMP 8440: Intro to Open Source — Andrew Tridgell taught a 15-lecture class on open source at Australian National University. It’s a comprehensive bootcamp, right up there with Producing OSS. (via fmarier on Twitter)
  3. DIY Broadband (ArsTechnica) — Norwegian ISP offers cheaper rates if you dig your own fibre tunnels. (via dsearls on Twitter)
  4. Arduino Simple Walker — a how-to on building a simple two-servo Arduino walker with body and legs made on demand by Ponoko. Apparently it’s great for kids, too. (via makezine)

Arduio Robot Walker