Four short links: 27 May 2009

Hacker Browser, Design and Engineering, Twitter Data, Fire Eagle Updater for OS X

  1. uzbl — lightweight WebKit-based web browser controlled with vim-like keystrokes, controllable through a FIFO for scripting, and all the “features” (bookmarking, history, changing URL) happen through external scripts. For the hardcore. (via joshua on delicious)
  2. A Conversation With Eric Rodenbeck About Usefully Cool Design and Engineering (Jon Udell) — if we could only distil Stamen down to their barest essence, we could make a fortune selling it on the black market …
  3. Twitter Data — using Twitter as a conduit for messages that have semantic markup. My gut reaction is that I’d prefer pure JSON in the data tweets, because a hybrid gives you poor use of the limited bandwidth and there seems no strong reason to care about human readability. (via Ted Leung)
  4. Clarke — elegant OS X updater for Fire Eagle that uses Skyhook to determine your location.
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  • I’d think by virtue of being a twitter message, you’d have a very strong incentive for keeping it human-readable. The vast majority of twitter clients is focused on human-human interaction, and will be for the foreseeable future. (It’s kind of the *point* of twitter ;)

    Not sure if the current spec will hold, though – if you want something that humans can easily use, you probably want to keep the spec loose. And slightly shorter ;)

  • If you’re into Emacs instead of VIM, you can check out Conkeror:

    It doesn’t use WebKit but it does use Mozilla’s XULRunner.

    Which is fitting if you think about it…webkit is a text editor, and firefox/gecko/xulrunner is an operating system :D