Four short links: 28 May 2009

Mobile Viruses, Open Data, Twitter Bookmarks, Sexy Geek Skills

  1. Viral Epidemics Poised to go Mobile — Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (author of Linked: How Everything Is Connected To Everything Else) modelled mobile phone virus epidemiology for NSF and concluded that (in accordance with experience) no single OS has critical mass for viruses to break-out. I wonder: will Android or iPhone reach that point first? (via ACM TechNews)
  2. Socrata — formerly “Blist”, the first of what will undoubtedly be many startups “refocusing” attempting to profit from the new US administration’s fondness for Web 2.0. The business model, however, is “we’ll offer your data to citizens in a useful form” and it seems to me that this is a responsibility that Government should embrace rather than outsource. (via Jesse)
  3. Tag This — tweet @tagthis with a link and keywords to post the link as bookmark in your Delicious/Magnolia account.
  4. Three Sexy Skills of Geeks — statistics, data munging, and visualization. I’m reading Visualizing Data right now and expect the universe to bury me in bootie before the day is out. “Processing: it’s cheaper than couple’s therapy and you can post pictures of it on the Internet without being fired.” (via mattb on Twitter)
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